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Be Internationally Competent  


Grow Your Business

Lead with Authenticity

My passion is to transmit cross-cultural insights and understanding of different mindsets. Transition you from uncomfortable to curious and interested, when facing unfamiliar surroundings, responses, management practices or business behaviours.
Aiming at growing your role or your business in a more complex and international environment with full confidence? 
Strengthening your business performance and your authenticity as a leader is my pledge to you. 

Certified global executive coach and trainer with more than 30 years of comprehensive operational experience in 4 continents, delivering unique support to women and men of a dozen nationalities in Japanese, French and English languages.

Career includes clients and employers such as the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the OECD, Renault-Nissan Group, the French Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Shiseido Company or the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  

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“Outre les qualités d'un bon Executive Coach et Mentor, j'ai beaucoup apprécié chez Kaoru sa vision stratégique, son expertise pluridisciplinaire, sa sincérité et son amour à ce qu'elle fait."

"Negativeな環境でもPositiveな mindsetでキャリアを考え、自分の中の思いを整理して説明したくなる。はっきり言って助かりました."


"Kaoru, you are a natural at making people feel valued, listened to and above all understood."

"You gave me insights in simple ways which have never occured to me."


"Not once I felt you were not well-prepared for questions I asked. You have no idea how precious your help was to me today."

"Coaching helped me in an important way as a Leader. I started to focus on me and stop worrying about others. I gained faith in myself."

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