I am passionate about conveying, via coaching, mentoring and training, my management practice and knowledge nurtured by more than 30 years of operational activities and cross-cultural observations on 4 continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe), so that you: 

  • Strengthen your understanding of different cultures, mindsets and practices;

  • Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable when expanding role and business; 

  • Grow to acknowledge gaps, remove boundaries, and achieve your ambitions; and 

  • Develop your own lasting, authentic style of leadership.

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More Feedback on Working Style 

Senior Executive Coaching in Japan: Women in Top Leadership Roles    

Coaching and mentoring in Japanese language supporting career advancement to top leadership roles. 





Nissan Business Leader Programme: Executive Coach-Mentoring 

Bespoke coach-mentoring aiming at enhancing Nissan expatriates' ability to lead in new cultural environments, helping them to exercise leadership differently - also effectively in times of crisis.




The Young Professionals Programme: Historical Reform, Change Leadership Project and Mentoring

On the eve of his second term as President of the World Bank, Jim Wolfensohn challenged the flagship YP Programme as failing both in leadership and dedication to world poverty. With a small group of world-class professionals, I led the change initiative to define new leadership competencies and behaviours, created an assessment centre and monitored a result-orientated mentoring programme. YPP selection methods have run along the same lines for a dozen years after I left. 

A Couple of Testimonials
​“I have had the pleasure to receive coaching from Kaoru Okada, who helped me develop management skills and self-awareness to higher levels. Kaoru is a great professional in different areas but she definitely stands out on Executive Coaching. I would highly recommend her for coaching and mentoring.”

​​Alejandro Valle-Carrillo, Head of Customs

Bentley Motors Ltd

“Comme tout manager, faire face à des situations complexes fait partie de notre quotidien. Il n'y a pas longtemps je me suis retrouvé devant une situation professionnelle conjecturale. Partagé entre le rationnel et l’émotionnel, j'ai demandé conseil à Kaoru. On connaît tous la fable d’Ésope "Le Soleil et le Vent", Kaoru me l'avait raconté autrement. Dotée d'une parfaite capacité d'écoute, du bon sens et surtout beaucoup de sagesse, Kaoru m'a aiguillé vers une solution éclairée à travers une série de questions. Des interrogations stimulantes qui chassent l'angoisse et le sentiment d'échec pour donner libre cours à la bonne réflexion et la pensée positive. Outre les qualités d'un bon Exécutive Coach et Mentor, j'ai beaucoup apprécié chez Kaoru sa vision stratégique, son expertise pluridisciplinaire, sa sincérité et son amour à ce qu'elle fait.  Keep up the great work.”

​​Tariq Arif, Country Customs Manager 

Renault Group, Morocco