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Challenges of Diversity Talent

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How Can You Listen Differently to Spot Talent Across Cultural Barriers?

Example: Recruiting Diversity Talent

In a recent call for votes on LinkedIn, I published a post on a "Dilemma between Company A and Company B".

For several years, coaching clients have shared with me their dilemmas - which I can summarise simply as the case of Company A or Company B.

Company A is rich in new learning and knowledge, above threshold on financials, and distinctly low on human relationships.

Company B is above threshold on new learning and knowledge, threshold on financials, and distinctly high on human relationships.

By human relationships my clients have indicated management practices and behaviours, sense of belonging, greater or lesser feeling of inclusion and respect, and finally, repeated occurrence - or lack of – prejudices and micro-aggressions of all kinds, diversity, gender or otherwise.

After a couple of weeks, poll results showed 79% of voters chose Company B, while only 21% went for Company A.

In today's post-Covid environment, despite rampant inflation, a series of new issues including economic difficulties, the absolute majority still chose human relationships against financials and learning combined.

The Recruiter

If you are a recruiter - in Company A or B - your role is to recruit Talent and, if possible, Diversity Talent.

How will you recruit Diversity Talent promising to respect a greater sense of belonging and purpose, or to deliver concrete practices and behaviours of inclusion?

Furthermore, during the recruitment interview process, are you noticing candidates' emotional temperature going up or down, as you are explaining the company policies?

Last but not least, can you hear what the candidates are really saying - or not saying - with regards to their experiences, achievements and expectations, especially if they do not respond in culturally familiar or expected ways from your perspective?

Are you equipped to listen differently?

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