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Do your meetings engage Diversity Talent?

Dernière mise à jour : 28 janv.

In meetings conducted in the English language ;-

😒 As a chair, are you annoyed at lack of response / interaction?

😒 As a participant, are you frustrated because you are perceived as "passive" or "not motivated enough" while you are most attentively listening and observing (but not voicing anything out loud)?

In this video (FT. Shelley Purchon), I am showing you with simple tips how the value of ENGAGEMENT can become a cross-cultural driver, enabling you to unlock both language and cultural barriers in your English meetings👇

💖 Mostly I coach non-English native speakers to assert their leadership in an English-speaking environment, but these tips are valid no matter what language you speak.

👍 Your perspective is important to me. Please feel free to comment on Blog 👍

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