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Are you an internationally-minded company, large or small? 

Are you a business professional, manager or leader, aiming at excellence in non-familiar cultural surroundings?

My coaching provides you with bespoke solutions for yourself and your organisation bridge any cross-cultural gaps you face.
A client's takeaway after such coaching: "I am particularly grateful for this debrief without any filter. I now feel I can manage to achieve the subtlety required of this alien culture while remaining my simple self."


Executive Coaching

As a Manager or an Executive hesitating before stepping into or accepting a new role, increased responsibility or a promotion, you look for clarity or feel the need for more self-assurance.

Do you feel accepted among your new peers? How will you adjust your personal development needs if you fulfill this more demanding, senior role? What happened to your value system after so many years of dedication to the workplace?  

My coaching technique unlocks boundaries of all kinds which you are facing, including self-limiting practices and beliefs. 


Leadership Training

As leaders and team members, how do you navigate cultural diversity? If you are a non-native English speaker, how can you best perform in English language which projects by itself communication norms and behavioural expectations to leaders and individual contributors alike?

How satisfactory was your last feedback or evaluation session with your boss or your direct reports in the English language if you are not a native English speaker? Was your sense of trust equally balanced with the fulfilment of business performance? 

My innovative training formulas help you understand any existing gaps, overcome linguistic or cultural barriers and entice you to truly enjoy the opportunity that international work brings.  


Cross-Cultural Consulting

Your role or your business have expanded and now you encounter new types of challenges. Out of your comfort zone? Feeling less competent in your new, more international surroundings?


Are you looking for potential markets outside your location? 

Prospecting new clients in Europe, the UK, the US, or in Asia? 

My cross-cultural insights and business knowledge mentor you out of your discomfort and lead you to become curious, interested and fully competent in other countries' or organisations' cultures, mindsets, business behaviours and management practices.


Group Assessment 

After several years of post-Covid fatigue and uncertainty, teams now feel the need to be motivated differently, either in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid mode. Values have shited: What is the meaning of it all? 


In an environment fraught with complexity, how do you fully motivate your teams if your grip on realities as a leader is only partially satisfied? How engaged is your team? 

And how do you keep motivated yourself? It is not easy to listen to the unsaid, and so important nonetheless to try and hear it out.

My 360° assessment skills and group coaching techniques provide effective support with immediate benefits to the teams and their leaders: team motivation, culture change, leadership assessment.   

Can I help?

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Contact me for an enjoyable first conversation!

Client interactions are most welcome, in respect of cross-cultural values and diversity.

Ask for free estimates and trials! 

Telephone: +33(0)6 3825 1164 


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